We do not remember days; we remember moments. (Cesare Pavese, The Burning Brand)

As far as I can recall, I have been always amazed by the silent beauty of images, captivated by their mystifying untold stories, 
passionate about their tiniest details… 
Images that embrace unique moments, magically freezing time and space, 
while depicting the simple truth through everyday life… 

I was born and raised in Lebanon during the civil war, where everything started for one reason and finished for another.
Back then, safety was our highest priority and only concern. Everything else was secondary. 

Years passed by... slow and fast, dark and bright, while we found ourselves struggling
to understand the country’s new situation: Peace!

In 2007, I moved with my family -my beloved wife Fadia and our three lovely daughters Clara, Christie & Michele
to the United States to settle in New York City.
An exciting chapter began in the Big Apple where I had the chance to discover the new era of photography 
with all its overflowing creativity and inspirational icons...

I have never been able to resist life’s indescribable charm in all its aspects, colors and forms.
I’m always ready for the next shot! 

My cam almost never leaves my side and as time went by, inseparable friends we became! 
However, weddings remain one of my purest delights!  
I find myself seduced over and over by those once-in-a-lifetime moments… 
capturing timeless memories… tiny personalized details… a charming smile… a meaningful hug… a precious tear… a stolen kiss…  
hands barely touching… lips passionately kissing… eyes whispering silent words...  
all gracefully painted with pictures created in a documentary style, mostly photojournalistic, 
flavored with a touch of glamour and seasoned with a dash of tradition.  

My name is Joe Chahwan, I'm a passionate lifestyle wedding photographer, light explorer, trying to subtly capture your moments !

Twitter: @joechahwan

Facebook:JoeC weddings